Why you should consider becoming a libertarian

People hold different misconceptions about libertarianism.

The liberals who are many normally attack libertarians for their conservatism. Liberals, most of the time seems to be on the side of the big government, social programs and tyranny support. They do that, but in essence hold a political ideology which advocates for constitutionalism, freedom of press, free markets and limited governments.

Libertarians are accused of caring less about the country’s security.

Libertarian-Party-libertarianismQuite frankly, the national constitution is taken to be the law of the land. This law, most of the time is ignored on matters of monetary policy, foreign policy, and also domestic policy. Most of the people understand that the United States government is a democratic one, but not entirely as it is in real sense. The United States is a constitutional republic, but not a democratic one as there are checks and balances. Majorities have to rule in a democratic country, but in some cases it turns out to be harmful. The U.S government has democratic aspects, but it will be best if it is termed as a constitutional republic.

Libertarians are normally people concerned about their freedom.

They always want to see that the constitution is followed in every aspect. They will be comfortable if the legislature is writing the laws, being implemented by the executive and the judiciary interpreting it. Libertarians are quite concerned when the president disregards the congress powers of making laws. With these they perceive it as seeds of dictatorship and tyranny being sown.

Libertarians are assumed to be people who normally take drugs, which is not the case. Most of them do not use any drugs. They do not base on the federal government to make decisions on what is right for one’s health or not. Libertarians believe that if everybody minds his own business, then they do not care on what everybody does. But if actions are harmful to someone else then libertarians become concerned.

They mostly see things from the Australian economics philosophy perspective. They believe in a free market. A market where interest rates will be left to assume its proper level naturally and where supply and demand forces determine the prevailing prices. They do not prefer a situation where interest rates are controlled and currency manipulated. Televisions, cell phones and other top notch quality appliances are constantly reducing in prices because they observe the free market policies. But when the central government takes command of something, it turns out to be ineffective and slow.

Be comfortable if you are in a position to identify yourself as being a libertarian because you automatically separate yourself from the current political mainstream. People will always turn away if you start talking on how illegitimacy taxes are. In the closet you will find quite a number of libertarians. After they have drunk quite a number of beers, you begin to see their true colors.

Be it for a symbolic statement; just buy if you can some precious metals. Owning silver and gold is having immutable wealth. It is important for you to understand the economics meaning of real money. The best great gift to your great grandchildren is to make these investments.

Just get involved in whatever you do. The internet has lightened issues and libertarians can easily meet with each other and share their beliefs. As a libertarian don’t force your ideas to other people and also do not hide the opinions you hold. Make other people know who you really are. Identify yourself as a libertarian.  Let those qualities of hard work, honest and doing good come out so as people may see them and perhaps accepts libertarians to become a mainstream. Use the internet by accessing social sites so as to network with other libertarians. They are large in number out there and so try to reach as many as you can

Most of the people who are well educated and informed in issues relating to politics are actually libertarians. This is contrary to what many people think of libertarians.  Let them know what libertarian mean and they will be out there in full swing.